Tomic Lures

The Tomic Tubby is fatter in relation to a Classic. A Tubby is made by cutting out an inch of the middle of a Classic. So, the Tubby 6″ will have the same head and tail as the Classic 7″, but it will be shorter, and therefore, “tubbier”.

The Tubby comes in 3″, 4″, 5″, and 6″.

The Tubby comes rigged with a single stainless hook like its cousin the Classic.

There are detailed instructions for Tomic plug fishing here:  Instructions


Size: Swivel: Hook: Weight without hook:
3″ #3 4/o 10 grams
4″ #1 5/o 21 grams
5″ 2/o 6/o 36 grams
6″ 2/o 7/o 48 grams

Contact us to find out more about what color and size combinations we have in stock!


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5 Tubby, 7 Multi, 6 Tubby, 4 Tubby, 3 Tubby

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