Certified Lucky Lures

Certified Lucky is a small BC business dedicated to making quality lures. The unique patterns and lure construction and molds will give that extra edge on the water that every fisherman/woman needs!

Please contact us for available colors for all of the below. (250-837-4228)

  • Snax – Ultra supple but durable plastic these are 2 inches in length and come in packs of 6 and feature a super ultra glow
  • Flappers – Ultra supple but durable plastic in select Certified Lucky Colors, 2 inches in length, 6 per pack
  • Jig Heads – High Quality Hand Painted Jig Heads are 1/16oz, come in a 4 pack with a size 2 hook and are matched perfectly for both flappers and snax.
  • Razzle Dazzle – Cutting edge dual color pattern for realistic bait fish imitation, ultra supple but durable plastic – pre-rigged for your convenience, comes with one extra tube with ultra super glow color, 1.5oz jig head and option for stinger hook or blade
  • Hawg Tubes – Cutting edge dual color pattern for realistic bait imitation, pre-rigged for your convenience with the option of internal or external jig heads. Ultra supple but durable plastic each package comes with 4 tubes and a 1.5oz internal jighead or 1oz external jighead per pack and feature ultra super glow colors.
  • Lucktail – Handtied in BC in time tested colors, developed and designed on Shuswap lake, made with top quality materials that will hold together fish after fish, they run straight and true with no tuning necessary.
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Certified Lucky

Lucktail, Jig Head, Hawg Tubes, Razzle Dazzle Jig, Snax

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